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    Tattoo Hair Simulation: A New "Cure" for Male Pattern Baldness?

    These days, it seems that there are a million different ways to deal with male pattern baldness. But just when you think you've heard every one of them, a new one emerges. In the metro Atlanta area, a service called HairSimulation has provided an interesting way to fill in some of their thinning areas, while creating an overall manicured look. Instead of hair plugs, the scalp is literally tattooed with simulated hair. For various reasons, this treatment seems to be geared towards the African American male. The service is headed by Cheryl Steinberg Rosenblum, a licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in Georgia. And according to the website ( the procedure is good for those who have excessive scarring from other hair replacement procedures.

    How does Hair Simulation Work?

    At best, hair simulation is nothing more than "permanent make-up"—tattooing certain areas for cosmetic reasons. This has been an interesting aspect of the beauty industry. Things such as permanent eyeliner, beauty marks, lipstick, and other features have been regularly requested attributes. But now the concept has crossed gender lines, with men seeking out a remedy for concealing troubled areas on the scalp. In the introduction video, a barber is featured having the procedure done. The technicians work, and screen shots illustrate how his receding hairline has been literally "drawn in" realistically. In short, he will never have to worry about his receding hairline being visible. While the site doesn't necessarily claim to grow hair back, the barber in the video alleges that the procedures have enhanced his hair growth.

    Additional Services

    The services are primarily geared towards men. But the Hair Simulation clinic also offers procedures for women who are suffering hair loss due to braiding and weaving, or alopecia. Furthermore, the clinic (or salon?) offers four main services:

    Hair follicle stimulation
    Head shading
    Hair stimulation
    Head/ waffle scar camouflage

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