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    African American and Cosmetic tattooing for bald spots

    African American and Cosmetic tattooing for
    bald spots


    The benefits of cosmetic tattooing for bald spots on African American Men and Women

    bald black man

    African American Men and Women who are afflicted with bald
    patches or have scars on their heads, can be ideal candidates
    for cosmetic tattooing.   While many men choose to embrace
    their baldness, others may wish to do something about it.
    Cosmetic Tattooing on African American women, can greatly
    reduces the the appearance of bald spots, which can take
    years off your appearance. The Hair Simulation procedure is
    also beneficial to men who have undergone hair transplants
    but seek to enhance their look further.  

    This is an ideal alternative for African American men, because Hair transplants can
    be expensive and may leave scars. Many African American men are wonderful
    candidates, along with all men with hair transplant or head scars.

    Similarly, African American women experiencing female pattern baldness, or has hair loss
    from braids and chemicals, might seek alternative options to conceal bald spots as opposed
    to medication, wigs, transplants or hairpieces. In such cases, cosmetic tattooing for bald
    spots, is a choice worth considering. Cancer patients who have suffered hair loss due to
    chemotherapy may also benefit from permanent cosmetic tattooing for bald spots. To see
    if this is for you, contact us. With just a few questions, we can tell you if this is a procedure
    that can benefit you.

    When done properly, Cosmetic Tattooing can have incredible benefits, and when applied
    properly, can look natural. It is very important, to check out the person who is actually
    going to be applying this work, and make sure that the technician/artist has had years
    of this type of experience. Look at photos of actual people that the artist has actually done
    themselves. If not, this can look like huge blueish freckles! Anyone that claims to implant ink
    or pigment, into any part of the body, with a needle penetrating the skin, is applying a
    “tattoo” by legal definition, and therefore needs to be properly licensed. You have a right to
    ask for their state license, that allows them to legally perform this service.

    Seeing is believing, so to view more details, watch the video on   .


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