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    The Hair Simulation Company has evolved over the past 14 years. Cheryl Rosenblum, founder of The Hair Simulation Company, has been a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist for over 12 years and is board certified to practice and teach cosmetic tattooing.  Cheryl is also the founder of Permanent Makeup of Atlanta and has trained cosmetic tattoo artists from all over the country. Currently, Permanent Makeup of Atlanta specializes in eyebrow tattooing for both men and women. We have successfully completed over 10,000 permanent make up procedures over the years and over 1000 Hair Simulation procedures.

    Cheryl started tattooing hair transplant scars on all skin types over 12 years ago, starting with her own bald spot on her crown.  After many years of successfully repairing hair transplant scars, Cheryl decide to open a sister company,  which focused on repairing hair transplant scars on all skin types along with tattooing the hair simulation on men and women with Afro Textured Hair.

    As of 2014 we are opening our training to qualified professionals and we proud to introduce The Hair Simulation Academy. 

    Over the past 14 years, Cheryl has refined her practice even more and has founded the Hair Simulation Company, which includes a team of highly skilled professionals, including master barbers, barber instructors, cosmetic tattoo artist and master cosmetologists. All of whom specialize in afro textured hair through our service marked Artistic Hair Simulation process.  Now with all our experience, talented team and company divisions we are proud to bring them all to you under The Hair Simulation Company.

    Thank you for expressing interest in Artistic Hair Hair Simulationsm in Atlanta.   Our team is ready to assist you. Please call us today for more information.

    Our Team

    Cheryl Rosenblum

    • Our Team

    Cheryl Rosenblum - Cheryl is a pioneer in the cosmetic tattooing industry and specializes in Artistic Hair Simulationsm.   She is proud to be first and only permanent makeup artist in Atlanta to be both a licensed tattoo artist and Board Certified...

    Lewis Clemons III

    • Our Team

    Lewis Clemons III - Lewis has been a Master Barber for over 20 years and is one of the most well respected barbers in Atlanta. He numbers celebrities in his clientele and owns a successful barbershop in the area.

    Dr. Aaron Sui

    • Our Team

    Dr. Aaron Sui - Dr. Sui has practiced Chinese medicine for over 15 years and has been a consultant for many hair loss issues and health information. He provides herbs and acupuncture to our clients that are interested in Chinese medicine.

    Anthony Johnson

    • Our Team

    Anthony Johnson has been working with Hair Simulation Company for over 2 years and is currently with clients to assure quality of hair procedure and after-care. It is important for Anthony to incorporate alternative hair restoration into medicine to become a successful dermatologist.